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2.5 Hour courses (Please choose one)

Ancient Roads and Houses Tour:
Locals will guide you via obscure Edo-period routes through scenic farming landscapes supported by an ancient world heritage irrigation system. On the way, we’ll slip back in time at a 300 year old private house and have local sweets and green tea before heading back home.

Temple and Agriculture Tour:
The Nyu area has one of the oldest and most famous temples in the area at Nyu Daishi, first founded in the year 774 and surrounded by picturesque farms and landscape. Learn about local history and culture from locals and try seasonal local produce and (of course) sweets during your ride.

JPY4,400 〜 Show Availability

Satoyama Picnic Tour:
Get out into the mountain air and have a Japanese “satoyama” bento box picnic with fresh seasonal food from local farmers. This is a 4 hour guided cycling course appropriate for all four seasons, and gets you much closer to the lives of local people.

JPY7,300 〜 Show Availability

Morning Fog Walk & Ride:
Perfect for the hotter months of the year (June~August), we’ll make a trip by bike and then get into the cooler mountain air on foot, strolling through incredible morning fog. Appropriate for all ages!

JPY2,000 〜 Show Availability

Want to explore on your own with great bikes? We have great quality and easy to use sports bikes for daily rental. We’ll also give you some quick guidance before you head out, so beginners can feel confident. Available for both adults and children.

JPY1,500 〜 Show Availability